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Everyone in the modern world has had a night where they want to spiel about whatever micro BS that for inflated reason feels like a world of importance to them.  This is a difficult thing to justify, especially when the world is having catastrophic disaster after another.   Logging in to facebook/twitter/tumblr feels asinine when any amount of energy we have to spare should be allocated towards aiding the world’s natural disasters of late.  But despite these tragedies, we have to keep on keepin’ on.  

Tonight we celebrated a celebrated friend’s birthday at the Hunky Dory Social Club. For my Toronto brethren, this is like going to a larger sized Sweaty Betty’s, (if she is still standing).  For Sydney, it’s one of the handful of pop-up upstarts resulting from the extended licenses for the like.  Brick, beams, stubbies and professional hipsters all amount to something that Sydney is moving away from - plastique.  This is a welcomed change.  Sydney has recently been, (and locally described with affection as) the pretty girl who never required the development of a personality. Funny, yes  - but more importantly in a time where tragedy has surrounded us, socially it represents a serious transition.  Taken with a grain of Gossip Girl, Sydney is a perfect smile. She is an endless ray of sunshine, the part of the world where everything is just lovely at any given time of year.  The weather reports consist of variations of fine (mostly fine, somewhat fine, fine) and even on rainy days any restaurant you hang your hat in will be full of laughter and happiness.  I have learned to accept the glee, in fact almost embrace it.  After years of frozen days, piled up streetcars and garbage strikes, it’s odd living a place so constant that the seasonal wardrobe changes consist of different thicknesses of t-shirts.  Aside from the annual shark attacks, deadly snakes, spiders and Naked Lunch sized cockroaches.

I have even made converts.  

My Canadian First Assistant Editor has relocated here and is enjoying himself.

My brother has made the trek and now works on Project Runway.

In fact it seems as though it’s been a revolving door, and who knows when it will settle.

We are on the longitudinal and latitudinal flipside of our new homeland on a continent I never even intended to visit.  I couldn’t imagine my life, hadn’t I.  

Professionally, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented people I could imagine - many of whom have helped shape my own work (you know who you are).

I have fallen hard and fast in love with Australia and I so look forward to seeing the rest of her.  This year, I want to explore the rainforests of North Queensland and perhaps the following year, the Outback and WA.  

I do very much miss Toronto and my home in Nova Scotia.  Live music, winter coats, comrades, and snow are things nobody should ever take for granted.  I haven’t said much about Australia or Canada lately, other than a tweet length diatribe here and there.  It’s tough finding days in which to brood and contemplate the contrasts of my current and former refuge.

In anticipation of the upcoming Anzac Day, I’d like to say thanks to the country that’s embraced Meg & I as it’s own, and all of our ‘mates’ national & international that’ve made us feel at home.  I’d also like to send a shout-out to all my besties back home - totally lovin’ y’all.

FYI, the beer is Little Creatures - she’s a bright ale and she’s brilliant.

GOTTA RENT THIS :Phantom High Speed Camera

With Red Cameras climbing up the k ranks (20k on it’s way??) I reckon this is the future and within the next few years we’ll be shooting high frame rates on $5k camera bodies.

I’m willing to be that even the 5d mkiii that’s rumoured to be coming later this year will shoot raw video frame rates up to 120 fps.  Here’s hoping anyway.  

In the meantime, weighing in at a hefty $150k and shooting at ridiculous speeds we can all drool over this Phantom beast.


2nd last return to unit for setup change

Adjusting pol filters

First day prep on ‘great western’

Seen in Surry hills

Seen in Surry hills

Did last night's Tropfest winner jack this idea?

Many of us who attended Tropfest last night felt that the film Animal Beatbox  -

in no shape or form deserved to win first prize.  The festival’s founder John Polson, gave a speech outlining that the aim of the festival has, and always will be to support and celebrate unique ideas.  A splendid notion, however Tropfest has grown exponentially and now represents something more.  It is at this kind of venue that filmmakers are born and their potential introduced to the world.  Tropfest has a responsibility to help support the burgeoning auteurs that have a future in the craft of film making.

Animal Beatbox was a humorous little piece, and garnered chuckles throughout the crowd.  Compared to other heavyweights of the night such as Bird Therapy, Missing Her, and Silencer it held up as little more than a gimmick.

Perhaps awarding this film top honours is Polson’s way of reacting to the presence of celebrity and higher budgets in his festivals of late, elements he openly rejected in his speech.   

The Maestro didn’t have much story either, but the concept was simply breathtaking, and the execution astonishing.  

I’ll happily attend Tropfest in the future, but perhaps I’ll skip out before the ‘founder’ wastes my time again.  I prefer to let the films speak for themselves.

Wake up bogan

Wake up bogan